How to scent your house

   Does your home smell good? I mean, does it really smell good? Because, let’s face it, life can get in the way, busy and important items on our agendas can overtake our senses (pun intended), and sometimes that leads us with either a home that doesn’t smell particularly fresh…or, worse, one that downright stinks. And a home that smells fresh is one that people want to be in. Continue reading “How to scent your house”

DIY floral arrangement

    Most people appreciate decorating their houses/spaces with flowers and this coming up with an appropriate floral arrangement can be intimidating. Well, fret no more. Below are some basic steps to create your flower centerpiece like a professional.

Things you need: Continue reading “DIY floral arrangement”

Alternative building materials

 With the rise of housing prices and the human population  growing exponentially, it is imperative that we become more and more concerned about leaving our environmental footprints. Therefore the challenge is to think of more Eco-friendly solutions particularly in our everyday life but also, and more often, in the process of building our homes. Continue reading “Alternative building materials”

How to use antique and vintage pieces


For most interior decor enthusiasts, adding antique and vintage elements are always something special. Not everyone is a fan of this approach to interior design but more and more people are becoming converts as this makes it a delightful decorating trend.

The trick to adopt these styles is by adding key individual pieces which create a blend and connection between the past and present. Continue reading “How to use antique and vintage pieces”