10 Hacks to make room for the baby at home


One thing they do not warn you about being in your mid-twenties is the number of baby showers you will be invited to and turn down. What is even more daunting is shopping for the baby. At one baby shower, there was so much happening in the home. There were too many things everywhere, toys, books and by the time we got to midday the expectant mother of one, a three year old, was too tired to enjoy the party. For those with no children (yet) it may come as a shock that in a home everything is everywhere. Parents, however know the drill. But it does not have to be all bad.  Here are ways to create little worlds for the little one.

Living room

  1. Kids’ toys and books can easily be everywhere in the living room. The secret is to seclude space for the baby and allow them to have their little house there. A rug that is comfortable is the first thing you need. Pick a colour that lights up the room, that way the baby knows that is their spot.baby rug on the floor
  2. On the floor have tiny baskets for the baby to stuff things in there. Toys, their little blanket, shoes,cups might end up in there. That way it is easy to separate everything when you are tidying up.Let us be honest babies only spend a couple of minutes with a book, they toss it and move on to the next one. Use your wall space as a mini book shelf and to train them on how to put them back. It might take time but eventually they will get a hang of it.
  3. On the other side of the wall have a white board and pens that just allow the baby to go ham with the wall. They might scribble on all the books but it’s not your office diary so it’s fine. You can also have educational material on the wall so the baby can take it all in before pre-school. If they are at the school age have a small table where they can do their homework and hold play dates.

    Learning wall for the baby
    Learning wall for the baby
  4. For your own sanity, have a chest of drawers with a foldable changing table so you can change the baby anytime. They will not be confined in one corner. They are bound to crawl across the room. In every cabinet have a shelf for where you can keep any random baby stuff. Great tip you could use the TV cabinet can be the perfect drawer for you.Tv for dresser

Kitchen / Dining Room

  1. The baby can join everyone at the table and since they grow everyday it is very easy to buy so many chairs and end up having clutter. Instead have a clip on high chairs that you can adjust as they grow older.clip on chair
  2. Have separate cabinets for baby utensils that you can easily access. That way they do not get mixed up with everyone’s dishes. Baby should have another cabinet to keep their supplies. In the fridge store all their food in distinct airtight containers so that everyone knows that is baby’s food. Not because it is the best food to eat but you just never know.


  1. If the baby is sleeping in your bedroom, have the baby cot in one corner of room. It does help if the cot has drawers where you keep their diapers and clothes.Crib with a built in changing table
  2. No one has as many clothes as the baby. One day the rabbit fits the next day you are not sure who it belongs to. In the baby closet have a few boxes to store clothes that the baby is not wearing. Donate them to charity. For what the baby is wearing have double racks to hang all the clothes. Cover the wardrobe with a beautiful curtain then you do not have to constantly see the mess.cover the dresser with a curtain
  3. Hang the strollers as opposed to having them on the floor. It is even better if they are foldable because they take up less space.

These do not assure you of tidy space but you will have a lot of peace if you can trace where everything is. Good news is that they grow older and eventually they will be cleaning their own room.

Author: Medrine Nyambura

Copywriter, Kijiji Agency

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