27 DIY storage ideas for your home


“Declutter your house once every month.”

“Re-arranging your house is therapeutic.”

“Spice up your room with happy colours.”

“How about a yellow on the floor?”

All these are quotes from various sites that try  to help us get our spaces in order. One of the mind boggling things to do in the house is find storage from everything from bobby pins to fish  plates or the endless pairs of shoes.  Every morning Saturday we resolve to make sure that everything is in its place, by Wednesday you cannot trace the left shoe to your favourite boot. I put together some tips that we could all use to have a more organized space.

  1. Have a plank of wood above your door way. Keep anything that  that you do not use often up there.


2. The spice rack can hold the nail polish…yes all the bottles.


3. The space under the sink is usually dead space. It does not have to be. All the cleaning agents and cleaning items can be stored there.


4. Garden tools can get very daunting but you can use the PVC pipes to holster them and no one has to bang their toe into a rake.


5. Magazine racks can be mounted on the wall and hold all the pot lids so there is no worrying about the everything falling and waking people up as you try to grab a glass of water at night.


6. Have you ever been at a party and desperately needed to charge your phone so you place it on the floor and keep darting your eyes to make sure no one steps on it? Not to worry you can buy this holder and you are good.

7. One of the most unexploited space is the one above the bedroom perimeter wall. Hammer a shelf there and you have yourself a library.


8. These baskets do not have to be used for decor only they can hold your cooking sticks. potatoes, fruits and onions e.t.c


9. Old suitcases do not  have to gather dust in the corner of your closet. Place them on top of each other and you have an antique night stand.


10. Sometimes I think my mother would make look for the nail cutter just to make me pay for something that I had done (or not done). You can use a magnetic bar and store everything metallic.


11. You can use the magazine holders as freezer shelves. No more using the cooking stick to knock out frozen food.


12. Confessions time; you have as many clutches as you do shoes. If that is the case use the pot lids rack to hold all of them.


13. “I am gonna pick up the pieces and build a Lego house…” Do you know that song by Ed Sheeran? Well pick up your legos and use them to hold your charger and your keys.


14. Label everything. It may see obvious but just do it, baking soda does look like flour.


15. The ice cubes tray can hold all the pairs of earrings that you have.


16. Today there will be some drilling noise in my house.These ‘toothbrush holders’ are so easy to make.


17. Get a bed with a headboard that has drawers and keep all stuff you need there;books, inner-wear, candle holders and your jewelry.


18. Yes the pots can hang from the ceiling.


19.  Use hangers to hang all your long boots.


20. You can also use them for your baseball caps or scarves.


21. Use clear desk organizers for your fridge


22. Use crown moulding for the endless pairs of shoes.


23. You could have one shelf to hold the pans and pots or transform it to hold all your spices.


24. Sometimes the horse pipe is dirtier than the car you are trying to clean. Use a bucket to hold it instead.


25.  Get a bed frame  with drawers and you can store all you nice (and ugly) sweaters in there.

bed-frame-with-drawers 26. With all the i-pads, phones, tablets, i-pods (do we still have those?), our bags are filled with cables of different length and colours. Here is how you can store all of them in the same space.

27. The obsession with the loom bands may have come to an end but you can do so much with the tin, like store your eye make up in all shades of colours.



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Author: Medrine Nyambura

Copywriter, Kijiji Agency

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