Making room for family this Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas is coming. Guess what else is?  Family. All the relatives you have not seen in ages are coming. ­Various dynamics play out here:

  • Depending on how big your family is, you could potentially be feeding between ten to thirty people or more than that.
  • You need to clean after them and find them some room to sleep.
  • Don’t forget waking up early to heat the left overs. It could get pretty chaotic so here is how to work the space and accommodate everyone.

Living room

By day it is the living area and by night it is an extra bedroom. Get that sofa bed has been laying around all year and place it at a corner. Next up is a coat and shoe rack just after the door, that way you can sort them out and make them easy to find for everyone.

De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter. Get rid of anything that you do not need and give it to charity or lock it up in the basement. The kids are getting new toys so have them pack the old ones and take them down to the children’s hospital, they could use some Christmas spirit.

Decorate before everyone checks in. While you might be tempted to let everyone help with decorating, just do it yourself way before the entourage checks in. That way you keep neat and do it in your own way.


This is arguably the room that is most prone to stink when you are hosting. Stock the loo with everything air fresheners, hand towels, toilet cleaner and lots of toilet paper. Keep checking in to make sure that it stays clean and dry.

Empty the shelves of all your personal toiletries and make room for the guests who packed personal effects because they are staying over. Have extra baskets to create more storage space as well.

All the hotel samples that you have collected from all your trips throughout the year can finally be used. Stock your bathroom with Handwash (both scented and non-scented) and lotion and keep replenishing them.


The Guest Bedroom

You probably have one room or a guest house that is exclusively for guests. For both rooms, have an empty spot for the guests to stack their suitcases. If you are hosting families with children, you might want to clear some of your closet space to make more room for them.

Have a neat pile of bedding ranging from blankets, bed sheets, and kilt. It might seem like a stretch but leave an extra sleeping bag.

As the host, you know your crowd. Set up entertaining material that the guests can read before going to sleep. Don’t forget some water to drink and snacks. It’s a bit awkward when someone is walking semi-nude in the middle of the night for a handful of peanuts.

The rest of the house

We will need to have baskets in each room to hold all the toys that the kids use.

Some pairs of slippers would be nice for everyone. Remember to consider everyone’s size.

Clean out the pantry. That spice whose expiry date is illegible has to be tossed. No need to poison people during Christmas.

Make basic ingredients easy to find like salt, pepper, water glasses e.t.c

Most importantly have an amazing Christmas and remember it is all about kindness this season!

Author: Medrine Nyambura

Copywriter, Kijiji Agency

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