Picking through curtains and drapes

Picture this. You are standing at your window with nothing on but your birthday suit. You sip your coffee and look up to find your neighbour staring at you. He is wearing a nerd sweater and khaki pants. You always thought he was cute. Then it hits if you can see him, he can see you too. Yes we should probably get you curtains. Continue reading “Picking through curtains and drapes”

11 ways to use make old furniture look new

  1. Wallpaper on an old table

Have a scrawny table tucked in a corner and for the love of muffins you have no idea what to do with it?  Pick your left over wall paper and cover the table with it. If your wall paper is of different designs mix it up and you have a  ‘designer’ ahem table. Continue reading “11 ways to use make old furniture look new”

Making room for pets at home

When I turned 20 I got a dog, Bush. That was his name. A big cuddly German shepherd. Then my brother came home with a cat that he had rescued from the street. We should have known that a cat and a dog, in this case Bush and Mia, could not live together. Bush ate Mia in the end in full sight of the family. With no shame at all. He tore her apart and went back to his kennel smacking his lips. Savage. He died months later quietly in the night. Karma. Continue reading “Making room for pets at home”

10 Hacks to make room for the baby at home

One thing they do not warn you about being in your mid-twenties is the number of baby showers you will be invited to and turn down. What is even more daunting is shopping for the baby. At one baby shower, there was so much happening in the home. There were too many things everywhere, toys, books and by the time we got to midday the expectant mother of one, a three year old, was too tired to enjoy the party. For those with no children (yet) it may come as a shock that in a home everything is everywhere. Continue reading “10 Hacks to make room for the baby at home”

27 bizarre pieces that you should (or not) have in your space

While shopping for furtniture can be a lot of fun, it can also breed madness. Sometimes even literally. A good number of  us might prefer odd (this is an understatement) pieces for our spaces. No one is judging. But no one is coming to your house either. You don’t believe? Check out the 27 bizarre pieces of furniture and you might have a change of heart. Continue reading “27 bizarre pieces that you should (or not) have in your space”

How to use vases to decorate your space


“No, Vaaaas you have to pull the ‘a’.”

“Vaaase! I am African.”

“That’s no excuse, if you are going to speak in English respect its rules – Vaaaas.”

“Okay Vaaas.”

“Now the‘s’ at the ends needs to sound like a ‘z’.”

I gave up. Continue reading “How to use vases to decorate your space”