Making room for pets at home

When I turned 20 I got a dog, Bush. That was his name. A big cuddly German shepherd. Then my brother came home with a cat that he had rescued from the street. We should have known that a cat and a dog, in this case Bush and Mia, could not live together. Bush ate Mia in the end in full sight of the family. With no shame at all. He tore her apart and went back to his kennel smacking his lips. Savage. He died months later quietly in the night. Karma. Continue reading “Making room for pets at home”

Open Kitchens Vs. Closed Kitchens, who takes the cup?

In the course of hunting for spaces to share with you, the team and visit different spaces including hotels, restaurants and homes among others. One thing that always fascinates me is the kitchen. It has become a space where interior designers and architects apply their skills to create a piece of art that is nothing short of amazing. At one of the apartments I asked two colleagues what their preference was between the two established kitchen plan layouts; the open and closed. One of them, a mother, prefers the closed kitchen because she has a toddler who could easily crawl into the kitchen and hurt themselves or ingest something that may be harmful. On the other hand one of our creatives, a single gentleman, prefers the open concept because he hosts his crew at his house. This confirms what John Petrie, president- elect of the National Kitchen and Bath Association (US), says- Create a kitchen space that works for you. Let us look at what the two designs have to offer:

Open Plan Kitchen

This design is a shift of the times. The kitchen is now accessible to the different people in the house. Previously, in the African culture, it was taboo for the man to go the kitchen as it was considered the woman’s domain. The modern man is in kitchen now making omelets and helping with the dishes. The kitchen is no longer the room at the very back of the house. The open kitchen is a way of allowing more interaction and communication.

Open Plan Kitchen
Open Plan Kitchen


  • An open kitchen will allow more contact between you and your family.
  • You can cook together and set up at the counter for everyone to enjoy.
  • It is also welcoming if you, like the gentleman  at our office, love hosting. You can chop up your carrots while catching up with your friends.
  • These kitchens are very airy and increase volume of the space. Ideal for small apartments.


  • If you value privacy then an open kitchen is not for you
  • Cooking is not as easy as it is on the Food Network. It gets get messy and smells will travel fast not forgetting how noisy it can get with all the blending, chopping and frying.
  • You might drop the chicken and have to quickly pick it up – you know the 5 seconds rule.
  • You need space to compose yourself when there is an awkward moment and what better place that the kitchen?



Most of us grew up in such kitchens and there was pleasure of peeping in the kitchen and whisking away a chapati as mummy dearest is cleaning the vegetables. Or waiting for her to ask you to check whether the chicken is ready because that would mean you get a piece of it before everyone else. Bliss. The closed kitchens are making the way back because they have their perks including:

Closed Kitchen
  • Kitchens can get really messy and you don’t need anyone seeing that. Ideally no one should see you sweat.
  • Closed kitchen have three walls where you can have cabinets and shelves giving you more storage.
  • Unless you have excellent ventilation or a cooker that has an exhaust hood that an open kitchen requires, not everyone wants to smell cooking onions and garlic.
  • The dining experience is formal because everyone waits for dinner at the dining table.
  • You have room to run to when it gets awkward at the table. Very important.
  • The rest of the family can have their privacy without you feeling like they are hovering.


  • Closed kitchens feel cold and the cook may feel isolated.
  • When hosting you have to carry dishes all the way to the kitchen that could be a bit too far. This is a legit problem.

How to have the best of both worlds…

Interior design does not come easy or cheap so if you are torn between what designs to go with here is what you can do:

  • Add a pass through window which gives the kitchen the balance between privacy and welcoming.
  • Quality, sound dampening appliances for the open plan kitchens will work best with open concept kitchens.
  • Pocket doors to separate the kitchen from other rooms will allow you to switch up your kitchens as you deem fit.



27 bizarre pieces that you should (or not) have in your space

While shopping for furtniture can be a lot of fun, it can also breed madness. Sometimes even literally. A good number of  us might prefer odd (this is an understatement) pieces for our spaces. No one is judging. But no one is coming to your house either. You don’t believe? Check out the 27 bizarre pieces of furniture and you might have a change of heart. Continue reading “27 bizarre pieces that you should (or not) have in your space”

Fluid beauty, using water features to ignite your space

We have talked about how we can add excitement to our spaces in previous posts. We explored how to use antiques (read about it here), lighting (read about this here) and learned that sometimes it is the scent in your space that makes the difference (catch that post here, it is the last reference I promise). How about adding a little splash to your home? Continue reading “Fluid beauty, using water features to ignite your space”