11 ways to use make old furniture look new

  1. Wallpaper on an old table

Have a scrawny table tucked in a corner and for the love of muffins you have no idea what to do with it? ¬†Pick your left over wall paper and cover the table with it. If your wall paper is of different designs mix it up and you have a ¬†‘designer’ ahem table. Continue reading “11 ways to use make old furniture look new”

How to use antique and vintage pieces


For most interior decor enthusiasts, adding antique and vintage elements are always something special. Not everyone is a fan of this approach to interior design but more and more people are becoming converts as this makes it a delightful decorating trend.

The trick to adopt these styles is by adding key individual pieces which create a blend and connection between the past and present. Continue reading “How to use antique and vintage pieces”